I'm Inga - photographer from Republic of Moldova Based in the United Kingdom.
After graduating from the University of Chisinau with a degree in psychology, I fell in love with handmade art. I transformed my hobby into a small business creating handmade jewellery from polymer clay.
A few years later I and my friends founded a workshop where we were creating stunning flower decorations for family and corporate events. Here I had my first steps into photography.
I was taking pics for my friends' weddings, family and social events.
In 2018 my family and I moved to the United Kingdom and I started to explore food and product photography.
The Pandemic situation and appearance of our second child in 2020, made me think of running photography practice from home. I managed a little studio at home, updated my  gears and started to dream big.
Small or big projects were to come and demonstrate to me that nothing is impossible and if you want something, there are no excuses.
Every new project, is like a small child to be raised, explored and left in the big world to inspire. 

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